The embedded mortgage platform.

Vontive creates an entirely new and digital way to finance investment real estate—a first-of-its-kind platform to modernize a fragmented and offline market.

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Mortgage Fulfillment

Our bolt-on technology empowers any retail brand to offer investment property mortgages. Software orchestrates everything—eliminating risk, friction, and time.

Debt Marketplace

Vontive is a conduit for financial institutions to fund investment property mortgages—creating connectivity between lenders, their customers, and the capital markets.

Retail Brands

Launch in weeks.

Our no-code, white-label technology empowers any retail brand to launch an investment mortgage business in weeks, and the startup cost is 40x cheaper than a traditional lending business.

Deliver with certainty.

Real estate investors get access to predictable and cost-effective financing to compete with cash buyers—all through an easy and intuitive digital platform.

Deepen relationships.

In addition to creating a new revenue stream, Vontive facilitates cross selling, customer loyalty, and repeat engagement.

Financial Institutions

Deploy capital.

Vontive creates a direct conduit to finance investment property mortgages and simplifies capital allocation at scale.

Earn favorable yield.

Our software integrates data, analysis, and AI across hundreds of inputs, documents, and third-party services—delivering yield from fully transparent, precisely underwritten credit.

Built-in compliance.

Bank-grade security, compliance, and auditing are part of our software core, built by engineers with deep experience creating enterprise software for financial institutions and government agencies.

$8 Trillion

Value of U.S. residential investment properties

$1 Trillion

Investment property mortgages originated each year


Vontive conversion rate from mortgage offer to closed loan

Vontive mortgages standardize financing for real estate investment strategies and create liquidity for a fragmented market.

Liquidity for construction and development
Short term debt to modernize properties
Long term debt for rental real estate

Founded by Freddie Mac and Palantir alumni, we have nearly four decades of experience in the mortgage and financial services industry, paired with technical expertise unmatched in this space. See the leading venture investors working with us to transform investment real estate.