The embedded mortgage.

We are building an entirely new and better mortgage for investment properties—delivered through the brands real estate investors know and trust.

The embedded mortgage platform.

Vontive creates an entirely new and digital way to finance investment real estate—a first-of-its-kind platform to modernize a fragmented and offline market.

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Mortgage Fulfillment

We empower B2C brands to a white-label mortgage. Technology orchestrates everything.

Capital Markets

We are a conduit for financial institutions. Software eliminates friction, time, and risk.

Retail Partners

Launch in weeks.

Vontive is a no-code, bolt-on solution to launch a mortgage business. The timeline to deploy, begin marketing, and start closing loans is weeks.

Deliver with certainty.

Our solution integrates technology, products, and capital to fulfill mortgages—all through an easy and intuitive digital customer experience.

Operate with flexibility.

We tailor each deployment to the operating model of our customer—optimizing sell through and repeat engagement. Bolting on a mortgage becomes a significant revenue stream.

Capital Partners

Quality Yield.

Vontive creates a direct conduit to finance investment property mortgages and simplifies capital allocation at scale.

Better Underwriting.

Our technology integrates data, analysis, and AI across hundreds of inputs, documents, and third-party services—supplying fully transparent, comprehensively underwritten credit assets.

Risk Management.

Our software models the risk characteristics of each loan, from the overall market down to each borrower and property. Risk intelligence guides underwriting and servicing mortgages.

$8 Trillion

Value of U.S. residential investment properties

$1 Trillion

Investment property mortgages originated each year


Vontive conversion rate from mortgage offer to closed loan

Vontive finances investment real estate through standardized short- and long-term mortgage products.

Short term debt to create modern housing
Vontive long term debt for rental housing icon.
Long term debt for rental housing