Transforming mortgage finance by connecting lenders, their customers, and the capital markets.

Hundreds of datasources to master
Requirements written in contracts, not expressed as rules
Many parties to coordinate with short timelines
Opaque risk, dirty data, many documents
Mortgage Fulfillment

We are building a complete system for investment property mortgages, a first of its kind for our market. Our ambitious effort is bringing the borrower journey, mortgage office, loan origination, and servicing into a unified system—brought to market as a bolt-on, white-label solution for trusted B2C brands. Traditional lenders are cash flow businesses and do not have the expertise to build transformational enterprise software. The first hard problem set we are solving is embedding a software solution that empowers trusted brands to consolidate market share and builds digital connectivity between those lenders, their customers, and mortgage liquidity.

Secondary Market

Financial institutions cannot provide meaningful liquidity to the investment mortgage market. We are building technology to eliminate these barriers: mastering data, automating better underwriting, and integrating financial institutions with APIs. Our technology will replace manual secondary-market processes for financing and selling loans, which require hours per loan to execute and involve expensive intermediaries along the way. We believe eliminating these barriers and bringing capital to real estate investors through our technology will pioneer transformational finance for investment real estate.

Enterprise Software

Our mortgage fulfillment platform was architected with user and data isolation across deployments as a core design principle. Each new deployment is orchestrated and configuration-based, with new retail partners onboarding with no engineering support or marginal cost. Compliance, privacy, and security are designed into our technology (e.g., isolated, encrypted PPI storage).

Data Foundation

We are a system of record for the hundreds of documents, third-party datasets, and structured attributes that go into a complete mortgage file. Our proprietary abstraction allows us to capture and model any kind of mortgage data with a full data pedigree and version history, and it has the flexibility to expand into other product types over time. The data foundation provides clean, auditable inputs to all aspects of mortgage manufacturing, including a consistent view of loan and risk characteristics across stakeholders and over time.

Decision Science

We develop standalone services using pretreated data, quantitative methods, and advanced statistical frameworks to support auditing data quality, underwriting checks, making inferences, and developing Vontive risk scores. Decision services utilize our own proprietary data, public records, and third-party data to enrich the risk analysis and human judgments across the business. We develop standalone services using various quantitative methods to support use cases such as property analysis, pricing, and underwriting automation. We maximally leverage our own proprietary data, 3rd party data, and public records, in order to drive efficiency and risk analysis for the business.

Intelligent Workflows

Workflows organize task automation and user engagement, built on our data foundation and by integrating decision services. Complex outputs such as mortgage security instruments and intelligent documents are manufactured from verified source data.