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Building the connective tissue for investment real estate financing

The Vontive team posing in front of a pyramid tent.
Vontive team building event where our members are working on planters.
Vontive Values - Initiative Icon.
Take Initiative

When we see that something is not working, we should feel empowered to experiment, build and solve problems proactively.

Assume Best Intent

We believe that our peers are working to the best of their ability with the resources and information they have at their disposal


A culture of compassionate feedback results in a culture of growth. Whether it’s coming from our customers or our colleagues, we listen, empathize, and act quickly.

Vontive values - drive icon.
Drive Clarity

Clear expectations help align the team on desired outcomes and avoid confusion. We don’t assume everybody has the necessary context or knowledge to act. We strive to proactively push information and encourage others to ask questions.

Vontive values - simplicity icon.
Strive for Simplicity

Simpler things are easier to digest and work with. When taking on problems, we always ask ourselves if they can be broken down further. By tackling one thing at a time, we’re able to produce a cleaner product, avoid distractions and deliver desired outcomes.

Vontive values - door icon.
Build Two Way Doors

We solve our problems by committing to easily reversible solutions allowing for quick experimentation and iteration if need be.

James testimonial portrait

“I joined Vontive because I wanted to be at a company where I could be both challenged and supported by my peers while continuing to learn about the lending industry and capital markets. As a student athlete entering the workforce, I wanted a place where my competitive drive could be utilized to achieve lofty team goals.”

James, Capital Markets

Albert testimonial portrait.

“The main reason I chose to join Vontive was the team culture. During my interviews, I remember thinking that there was no way everyone on the team was really that nice. After joining, I was happy to find out that we have a truly kind and supportive community.”

Albert, Engineering

Emily testimonial portrait

“I joined Vontive out of a desire to take my career in a new direction. Coming from another startup and knowing some of the hurdles there are with creating a healthy culture and supportive team, I've felt extremely lucky to be a part of this group. The company tries really hard to get the culture right and employees can see it and feel it.”

Emily, Partnerships

Tony testimonial portrait

"I joined Vontive to deepen my knowledge about mortgage lending. As an operations manager, I face new challenges daily that have made me a better employee and leader. I feel like I can be my authentic self at work with great support from my co-workers.”

Tony, Operations

Maricar testimonial portrait

“Joining Vontive was one of the first steps in my career. As an operations assistant, I was able to come onto the Vontive team without prior experience and work my way through different responsibilities to my current position as our Servicing Manager. My favorite thing about the company is the sense of community - it makes coming to work something I look forward to.”

Maricar, Servicing

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