Your white label mortgage.

Grow your business with an investment property mortgage. It’s easy, intuitive, no coding required.

Speed to market.

The time to launch a mortgage business with Vontive is weeks. A tailored deployment plan for each customer facilitates onboarding the new mortgage business, a go-to-market plan, adopting repeatable processes, and accelerating sales.

Our mortgage solution covers all aspects of a lending business: regulatory compliance, standard products, mortgage underwriting, and dedicated capital to fund mortgages. A retail partner handles customer acquisition, and we take care of everything else to fulfill each mortgage.

Reliability of execution.

Compared to traditional lending options, we remove uncertainty about financing and friction from closing loans. Software orchestrates everything—applying, evaluating options, completing tasks, underwriting, and closing loans. The result is a more efficient lending process and faster timeline.

Real estate investors reengage to take advantage of reliable mortgage options. Historically, more than 90% of users return to finance additional real estate investors through the Vontive retail partner serving them.

Alignment of interests.

Vontive is a significant profit opportunity for brands serving real estate investors. We align interests by sharing revenue.

Our deployment options support a range of operating models from a retail partner being a lead generator to internalizing mortgage functions.

Short Term Debt

Mortgages to purchase and modernize properties, add ADUs, or build new homes.

Long Term Debt

Mortgages for rental properties with long-term or short-term tenants.

Lenders and Brokers

We bring traditional lenders into a digital operating model and diversify their business.

Banks and Credit Unions

Vontive enables offering a valuable mortgage to depository customers and creating high-margin revenue from financing loans.

PropTechs and FinTechs

We embed inside these platforms—bolting on a new revenue stream and improving core product sales.

Realtors and real estate businesses

We create a new opportunity to monetize customer relationships.


We will review your needs and demo our solution. If there’s a good fit, we will move forward with a partnership.

Technology Setup

We will configure your white-label Vontive tenant. You’ll build a marketing site for your mortgage business.

Marketing Plan

We will support you in identifying real-estate investor customers and developing a go-to-market plan.

Iterative Launch

We will partner with you in testing and refining your go-to-market plan. An important part of this stage is service level agreements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Go Vertical

As you grow your mortgage business, we will partner to support your success.