Your conduit for high quality yield.

Vontive is a conduit to finance investment real estate—orchestrated by software and managed by experts.

The investment real estate Vontive addresses is a $5 trillion category. Historically, providing mortgage debt to the market is difficult for structural reasons — nonstandard products, manual underwriting, and expensive intermediaries.

Technology standardizing the investment mortgage will unlock liquidity. Our technology structures workflows, data, risk analysis, contract terms—all the elements of a digitally native mortgage that can be underwritten, priced, and traded at scale.

Innovative financial institutions are taking to simplify capital allocation and earn favorable yield from high quality mortgages.

High Quality Yield

The investment property mortgage does not have a robust secondary market or other features that create liquidity. Securitizations are less than 5% of market size.

Capital is allocated and yield is sourced by financing lenders or buying loans. These strategies are time consuming to set up and require personnel to manually review loans. The outcomes are constraints on allocating capital and dilution of yield.

Our technology reduces these barriers and improves yield by eliminating the bottlenecks of manual processes and simplifying the work of intermediaries.

Consistency and Transparency

Before Vontive, unstructured data and manual underwriting were a significant barrier to financing or owning investment property mortgages. A complete review of source documents, verification of data, and repetitive underwriting of the mortgage were necessary to understand the risk characteristics of loans.

Data is the foundation of Vontive mortgages. Verified, secure data are the inputs to underwriting a loan and manufacturing the mortgage. These source data are versioned and auditable back to their source, all within our technology. Basic manual review tasks become an irrelevant expense of the past.

Better Underwriting

Our software expands the scope, precision, and inferential value of mortgage credit risk analysis. Third-party integrations expand the traditional mortgage dataset. Data science applications evaluate the compliance and estimate the risk of each mortgage—enhancing the intuition of expert loan analysts and underwriters.

Over the last three years, we have financed more than $850 million of investment real estate mortgages. On the metric of a borrower never missing a payment, our underwriting was right for 99.X% of loans. A severe economic contraction, other than the COVID-19 recession, has not tested the resilience of our underwriting, but our entire framework is designed around loss mitigation.

$4+ Billion

Mortgages underwritten

$850+ million

Mortgages funded


Real estate businesses financed


Average FICO score


Loan to value


Loans performing or paid off