Building the connective tissue for investment real estate financing



Building the connective tissue for investment real estate financing

The Vontive Story


The Beginning

The founders meet when Freddie Mac and Palantir collaborate to solve the GSE’s credit losses during the US housing crisis.


Company Founded

The company was started in November 2017 and rolled out a first version of software in the Pacific Northwest.


Series A + Direct Lending

Founders Fund led our Series A in February 2019, and the company launched its own direct originator.


Stealth Deployment

The retail partnerships launched in stealth, and capital partnerships were expanded.


Vontive Launched

Zigg Capital led our Series B, and Vontive debuted.

Take Initiative

When we see that something is not working, we should feel empowered to experiment, build and solve problems proactively.

Assume Best Intent

We believe that our peers are working to the best of their ability with the resources and information they have at their disposal


A culture of compassionate feedback results in a culture of growth. Whether it’s coming from our customers or our colleagues, we listen, empathize, and act quickly.

Drive Clarity

Clear expectations help align the team on desired outcomes and avoid confusion. We don’t assume everybody has the necessary context or knowledge to act. We strive to proactively push information and encourage others to ask questions.

Strive for Simplicity

Simpler things are easier to digest and work with. When taking on problems, we always ask ourselves if they can be broken down further. By tackling one thing at a time, we’re able to produce a cleaner product, avoid distractions and deliver desired outcomes.

Build Two Way Doors

We solve our problems by committing to easily reversible solutions allowing for quick experimentation and iteration if need be.

Vontive leadership - Charles McKinney CEO and Co-Founder.
Vontive Leadership -  Co-Founder and CTO Shreyas Vijaykumar.
Vontive Leadership - Danielle Rivas portrait.
Vontive leadership - Eric Lam portrait.
Nighi Le Vontive leadership portrait.
Tyler Boadway Vontive leadership portrait.
Vontive Leadership -  Wolf Rendall.
Brad Wash Vontive leadership portrait.


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